What’s a good class for beginners?2022-01-18T22:26:35-08:00

All of our classes are set up for beginners! Come one, come all! Everybody is welcome!

Do you take Walk ins?2022-01-18T22:26:25-08:00

Yes! Walk-ins are acceptable at any time.

How early should I arrive for my first class?2022-01-18T22:26:02-08:00

We suggest you arrive 15-20 minutes early. Then you can get your account squared away with the front desk, meet your teacher and set yourself up for class with ease.

What should I wear?2022-01-18T22:21:40-08:00

We recommend workout clothing that is breathable, water-wicking, and good for sweat. We do sell super amazing brands in our retail area that are designed for sweating. We do not wear shoes and socks in the yoga room.

Do I need to bring water?2022-01-18T22:23:22-08:00

Yes, you will need water for your class. But if you do forget your water bottle we sell water cups and every studio is equipped with water dispensers.

Do you have mat and towel rentals?2022-01-18T22:25:40-08:00

Yes! We have mats and towels to rent for $3 each.

Do you have Showers?2022-01-18T22:25:29-08:00

Yes! We have showers in the mens and womens restrooms fully equipped with shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Running Late?2022-01-18T22:22:00-08:00

All classes (except Warm and Yin) will take late students, please enter at the designated times so that it is not disruptive. Our desk staff will help you with this when you arrive. We understand that things happen but ask that our students do not arrive late consistently out of respect for our teachers and students. If you do arrive late please make sure you do not set up blocking students view in the mirrors behind you.

Note: Due to the meditative nature, we avoid interruption of our Warm and Dreamy Yin class. Once this class has begun we do not allow late attendance out of respect for our students taking this class who are looking for maximum peace.

What is the minimum age for your classes?2022-01-18T22:25:14-08:00

For our Bikram and Hot 60 classes students must be at least 15 years of age. The rest of our classes are for 12 and up. Those under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present.

Do your studios offer childcare?2022-01-18T22:25:04-08:00

No we do not, but we do offer Kids Yoga classes! Keep an eye out for announcements.

No Show and Late Cancel Policy2024-06-17T15:17:40-07:00

The only class we charge a no show or late cancel fee for is Sweat Cycle. If a student late cancels their spot for Sweat Cycle (within six hours before class starts) or no shows, than a $20 fee will apply.

*late entry is not guaranteed*

Do you use hand towels in Bikram Class?2022-01-18T22:24:40-08:00

We do not use hand towels in Bikram Classes

While some yoga encourages the use of hand towels and other props (our Vinyasa and Yin classes, for example), we believe the only thing you need to progress in Bikram yoga is your own body, wherever it may be today. Sweat is part of your body’s natural detoxing and cooling processes; unnecessarily wiping it away hinders both of these processes and hand towels become a distraction.

How should I behave while in the yoga room?2022-01-18T22:24:15-08:00

Be considerate to other students in the room.

Our community is pretty big, so it’s unlikely you’ll be lucky enough to get a private lesson in one of our regularly scheduled classes. Remember what you do in class can be very distracting to others around you. It is important that everyone can see themselves in the mirrors, so do not set up directly in front of another student. Please kindly make room for each other as necessary, using the sweat drops to guide you.

What classes do I need to be quiet in?2022-01-18T22:14:07-08:00

Most of our yoga classes require silence and we ask that everyone respect the silence of our classes, (if they are intended to be silent.) allowing others time to focus and meditate as they choose. In these classes please limit social conversation to outside of class.

Is There Any Way To Turn Down The Music?2022-01-18T22:13:51-08:00

Some of our classes thrive on high-energy and pulsating music. For some the volumes, we play our music at can be too loud. Unfortunately turning down the music would take away from the experience of other students. But, we do provide earplugs at no charge to all our students.

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