The Juice Box Yoga community takes pride in being one of the most well-maintained and diverse studios in the country. Much of the growth and healing that takes place at our studios is a direct result of the diversity of our classes themselves. We hope you find practicing at JBY a relaxing and grounding experience.

These etiquette guidelines are designed to facilitate the maintenance of our busy studios as well as create an environment where everyone feels welcome and able to experience the life-changing benefits our classes are designed to provide.

Each students’ practice is individual, but we also share the studio with each other. Kindness and respect is expected.


First time students need to arrive early in order to ensure your registration and payment are taken care of and to meet your instructor.
First time students who do not arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins are not guaranteed entry into class. Classes start on time.
Classes are closed after the instructor begins. Entry into the class after this time is not guaranteed.

Note: Due to the meditative nature of Warm and Yin students must be in the room when class starts or they will not be able to enter.

Classes run for their full designated time.

Our classes are intended to be practiced in their entirety. When leaving fitness classes early please be respectful of the designated time for this to least disrupt the class. For yoga classes leaving early should be limited to emergency situations only.

When we do Bikram yoga, we do Bikram yoga.

Our foundation is the Bikram Yoga Method – We are a pure and original Hot Yoga Association accredited Bikram Method studio and teacher training center. We take the discipline of this class very seriously. The Bikram Method is not for everyone yet for some its all they do! All yoga is good yoga. Nonetheless, do not substitute postures from other types of yoga in Bikram classes. If you are pregnant or have an injury, notify the instructor before class and they will offer alternate or modified postures for your specific situation.

While some yoga encourages the use of hand towels and other props (our Vinyasa and Yin classes, for example), we believe the only thing you need to progress in Bikram yoga is your own body wherever it may be today. Sweat is part of your body’s natural detoxing and cooling processes; unnecessarily wiping it away hinders both of these processes and hand towels become a distraction.

Leave shoes and socks outside of class.

Leave cell phones and electronic devices outside of class.

We understand emergency responders may need to keep their phones with them at all times. Notify the instructor before class if you need to bring electronics into the studio. We have a no cell phone policy in the yoga room.

Leave chewing gum and food outside of class.

Come to class with a clean body and feet.

We work hard to keep our studios and rental equipment clean and well-maintained. Perfume and cigarette smoke can be very disturbing or distracting to others while practicing. We have showers if you need to rinse off before class.

Teachers rely on you to listen when they are talking.

Instructors count on your help to maintain the focus, discipline and energy of the room. We kindly ask that you refrain from talking while they’re talking.
If you have feedback about any class or teacher please refrain from doing so to the teacher and contact our leadership team so that we can address it.
Our instructors love what they do and are professionals. They are also human and have bad days, first classes, nerves, and really, really want to teach you an amazing class. We appreciate you acknowledging them doing their best when it is a tough day, class, etc. If it is a consistent issue please let our leadership team know. We want you to have an amazing experience every time you come to the mat.

Be considerate to other students in the room.

Our community is pretty big, so it’s unlikely you’ll get a private lesson in one of our regularly scheduled classes. Remember what you do in class can be very distracting to others around you. It is important that everyone can see themselves in the mirrors. When you come into the yoga room please do not set up directly in front of another student. Please kindly make room for each other as necessary, using the sweat drops painted on the floor to guide you. We welcome large, fun classes that we make room for as many students as we can.

Maintain the silence and meditation of the room.

Most of our yoga classes require silence and we ask that everyone respect the silence of our classes, (if they are intended to be silent.) allowing others time to focus and meditate as they choose. In these classes please limit social conversation to outside of class.

Showers and changing rooms.

Please be efficient in the use of your time in the showers and changing rooms. JBY encourages all students to be in and out of the changing rooms within the 30 minutes between classes. We ask you to respect the time and space of other students, as well as the requests of staff to make efficient use of time before and after classes. We NEED this time to clean and prepare for the next classes, this time is critical to our daily operations.

Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Be kind. Be compassionate. Be patient. Be respectful. Be understanding. Be-lieve in yourself. Be present. Be happy. Be Love.
Come with an open mind, a positive attitude and be ready to have fun!

Please do not coach or instruct those around you while taking class.

This is a time for you to focus on yourself and this helps teachers avoid any injuries during their class from incorrect information given out.”