Are you looking to get into the best shape of your life? We have good news for you! The local intro special at Juice Box Yoga is your best way to try out all our classes to see what you love the most.

$20 for Two Weeks

For many the challenge of getting started with a new workout and fitness routine is tough. Why make your task any more difficult by having to sign up for something you’re not quite sure of. We put together a local intro special to give you an opportunity to check out all of our classes and studios at one low price.

Do you qualify?

  • Be a local to Northern Nevada
  • Be a first-timer to Juice Box Yoga

How to Get Started

To get started browse our classes and sign up through Mindbody. Make sure to bring a valid ID with you, along with a mat, towel, and workout clothes. If you’re having trouble finding quality gear, be sure to check out our retail section for a full line of mats, towels, and fitness clothing. Come in early to class and let our front desk staff know you are here for the local intro special. They will assist you from there!