Hot Pilates is Fun Pilates

Rock Out at Hot Pilates

If you are looking for the most fun workout you have ever had, you have found the right class! This class is a rockin’ good time for all age levels and all fitness levels. This class will give you exactly what you’re looking for; not only is it the most fun you’ll ever have working out, but it’s one of the best workouts you’ll ever have in one hour. We use Pilates principles, mindfulness and breath awareness. Hot Pilates is a challenging full body workout with rockin’ beats. We use the Pilates principles of Tabata, adding high intensity interval training. This class is low impact, it will strengthen your whole body and is safe and supportive for all levels, beginner to advanced. Within a few classes you will notice the benefits of weight loss, improved muscle strength and definition as well as an increase in coordination and a decrease in stress levels. You will see the results you have been working so hard for; your goals are our goals, and we want to see you achieve them.