Find Bliss and Warmth in a Yin Class

Yin is Calm and Mindful.

Also known as Warm and Dreamy… This class is our most mellow class on the schedule and is a great introduction to yoga for beginners. Kept at 70 degrees this class is going to keep you warm but not sweaty. This class has smooth beats and is a calm and inviting practice. It is good for every level and is the perfect compliment to all of your high impact workouts/other physically demanding sports and activities. In this class you will be able to go deeply into postures using calm, mindful breathing. This dreamy class gives you a peaceful place to connect to your body and stretch over used muscles, to stay present and to leave feeling completely relaxed. Bring your favorite pillow, bolster and a warm beverage if you like. We also have props and bolsters and we can supply them for you if you don’t bring your own. You will leave feeling blissful.