Get Fit in a Fun Way With Power Vinyasa

Yoga and Fitness In One

You’ll often hear people coming out of this class saying, “That was so fun,” “That was amazing.” This class is simply playful and fun, while building strength and flexibility. This class encourages grace and intention while focusing on safety within the poses. The teachers will offer modifications and advancement options, making this class accessible and challenging for all levels of experience. If you’re a beginning yogi or a seasoned practitioner and you’re looking for a powerful, playful flow, our Vinyasa Power class is for you. Come in. Sweat. Enjoy the music and the playful vibe.

This 60 minute super fun class will get you juicy💦! 95-99 degrees and 30-40% humidity will leave you feeling accomplished, challenged and craving more. This is the perfect class to learn or work on your flow while adding the powerful postures from the Ghosh Series, Bikram Method, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga styles. This class is for all levels, has great tunes and is a TON of FUN!!